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A Family Lawyer in Fullerton, CA, Who Puts Your Family First

Divorce or separation is an emotional act that can also have many legal ramifications, some of which you may not be aware of at first. That’s why you need a knowledgeable and skilled family lawyer in Fullerton, CA, to provide representation that ensures your parental and spousal rights are protected. Joel Beckman, Inc. is a local law firm primarily offering family law-related services to help everyone involved through one of the most difficult phases of their lives. We represent cases that include issues such as:

  • Child Support
  • Alimony Law
  • Spousal Support
  • Division of Property
  • Custody
  • Paternity
  • Divorce (Dissolution)
  • Division of Pension Plans and Retirement Assets

Our lawyer
and staff are often available on weekends and evenings by appointment, so you don’t have to miss work to speak with us. Additionally, we can work over the phone and through email to make the process of seeking legal advice and getting through divorce easier on everybody. Your initial consultation is free and confidential, and we’re here for you if you choose to move forward. 

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About Us

Our law firm emphasizes resolving people's problems as smoothly as possible. Our family lawyer, Joel Beckman, also acts as a mediator, working tirelessly to achieve resolution through de-confliction of the dissolution process. Although his goal is to make the legal process as affordable as possible, he is capable of fully litigating your matter when necessary.

Joel is committed to making sure your rights as a spouse or a parent are protected according to established marital law. Even if you’re in emotional turmoil, you at least have the comfort of knowing that a professional is looking out for you.

Family and Paternity Law Covering Everything Your Children’s Need

Divorce is much more complicated and painful when there are children involved, but Joel Beckman Inc. is prepared to help you through all of it. We listen to your side and keep your children’s best interests at heart, providing stability when it seems like their world (and yours) have been turned upside down. Our team is experienced in determining biological parenthood and establishing who will care and provide for children. You can come to us for:

  • Child Custody
  • Child Support
  • Visitation Rights
  • Parenting Plans
  • Paternity Testing
  • Guardianship
  • Step-Parent Adoptions

Qualified legal representation is essential for every step. Depending on your circumstances, you could even need it after everything is settled. Maybe something comes up, and you can’t pay as much child support as before, or you believe an adjustment of the parenting plan is in order. We’re committed to growing and changing as your family does, and are always around for you to consult with even after an agreement has been reached.

Our Legal Advice Can Keep You Safe

Whether your spouse or ex is following you and calling you constantly or becoming violent and threatening, you definitely want to turn to us to put a stop to it. Actions like these are a danger to your and your children’s safety and take a toll on your health. We offer solutions that can be implemented quickly. Describe your situation to our family lawyer in Fullerton, CA, and we may be able to provide a protection or restraining order. You shouldn’t have to live your life with worry, and with our help, you won’t have to.

On the other side of marital law, we also defend against restraining orders, both temporary and permanent. There are cases when the terms may be too broad or focus more on punishment than safety. We take care to act in the best interests of everyone, especially your children, and see that all rights are respected and adhered to.

Spousal Support Services

Alimony law is a tricky field and one that only an exceptional attorney can navigate. Anyone who is going through separation and has reason to believe they’re entitled to alimony or account division should call our firm right away. From collection to modification and termination, we provide the necessary assistance and representation at all costs.

Contact us for an appointment or free initial consultation. Our lawyer serves families from Fullerton and Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties, California, and the neighboring areas.


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Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday, 8:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Evening & Weekend Appointments Available

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