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We offer child custody representation in Fullerton, CA.

Your Guides for Child Custody in Fullerton, CA

Even in the most amicable divorces, the question of custody hits close to home. Who takes care of your children, and when, matters. Joel Beckman, Inc. is here to help you fight for your rights in this important situation that impacts your family’s future. When you need help with cases involving child custody in Fullerton, CA, let our team provide complete legal solutions.

Our approach starts with the understanding that this is a collaborative process. Our skills and experience are vital to your case, but it’s your life — and your relationship with your children — that’s on the line. By choosing us, you ensure that you remain informed and in control of your case. Working with your goals in mind, we strive for a resolution that establishes a clear and equitable tomorrow for your family while maintaining as much stability as possible.

The Importance of Child Custody Representation

We understand the desire to keep kids out of court proceedings. However, you need a strong legal team on your side when it comes to settling the matter of custody. Whether you’re at a negotiation table or standing before a judge, we help you understand what your options are and how to move forward in a way that’s most likely to achieve your desired outcome.

Though laws and agreement terms can be difficult to decipher, you won’t have to worry about complicated legalese when we take your case. Our professionals take care to explain relevant terms and factors when providing sound legal advice on how to proceed. Approach any custody situation confidently with a solid understanding of your case and an attorney you can trust.

Understanding Custody Arrangements 

Whether they’re simple agreements between you and a former spouse or court-ordered terms enforceable by law, there are a near-infinite number of details that may vary in any given custody arrangement. The specific rules in play can be as diverse as the people involved, but they generally fall into a few distinct categories. As your family lawyer, we help you understand these options, including:

Sole Custody

In this arrangement, one parent retains total custody of any children involved. Most commonly enacted in situations of abuse or where one parent has no interest in custody, this situation is unlikely in most cases where two active and engaged parents both seek custody.

Shared Custody

Just like it sounds, this arrangement splits the child’s time between the parents, with varying specifics based on the case. In amicable divorces, this is often the easiest solution, but tensions between parents and different rules between homes can cause instability.


Child visitation rights may be granted, even if a parent is not deemed ready for custody. These can be in-person or virtual and are an important option for parents to remain present in a child’s life.

Contact us today for a consultation about the details of your case. We proudly serve Fullerton, CA, and the surrounding areas.