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Paternity Law in Fullerton, CA

Separation and divorce can be especially hard on children. Joel Beckman, Inc. provides paternity law in Fullerton, CA, to make family-related legal matters less stressful for all parties involved. Whether you are dealing with a custody dispute or you need the services of a child support attorney, we are here to assist you. Schedule a consultation with us to discuss your case. 

Knowledgeable in Paternity Law

You deserve the truth when faced with questions about a child’s paternity. Receive an accurate answer with our assistance. Our family lawyer can help you arrange and coordinate DNA testing, as well as help you establish paternity/parentage by judgment.

Forming Child Custody, Visitation, and Parenting Plans

Ensure your rights are protected when it comes to child custody, visitation, and other parenting plans. We provide representations at all stages, including emergency services, initial temporary orders, trial, and post-judgment modifications. With our family law services, you will have the right support to help you get the time you want with your children.

Child Support Orders

Despite what happens with their parents, children need proper care. This typically means the custodial parent needs a certain amount of financial support from the noncustodial parent. We assist with forming and modifying child support orders, including temporary, initial, and permanent orders.


Guardianship proceedings may be used by non-parents such as grandparents or other relatives obtaining custody of an abused or abandoned minor child from the child's parent. With our paternity law services, nonparents of a minor child may be able to gain guardianship of a child when the biological parents are disqualified or unfit to be the child's care provider.

In the unfortunate situation that there are signs of abuse present, after you've called child protective services, call our office to discuss child guardianship. In the event of abandonment, our family lawyer can obtain guardianship for you without the involvement of child protective services.

Stepparent Adoptions

Sometimes, when people remarry, their spouse wishes to adopt their spouse's child or children from the previous marriage. Stepparent adoptions are possible with help from our child adoption attorney if the biological parent agrees or biological parent has had no contact with the minor child for a one-year period. We can act as the attorney for your spouse from the investigation/termination of parental rights through the completion of the adoption.

Contact us in Fullerton, California, to speak with us about your family dispute. Our family lawyers offer services throughout the area.