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We Are Your Advocate for Marital Legal Services in Fullerton, CA

Marriages break up even under the best of circumstances. If it happens to you, Joel Beckman, Inc. will provide you with professional marital law services in Fullerton, CA, and legal representation. Depend on us to handle your case with compassion, but to vigorously protect your spousal rights.

Marital Dissolution

Our firm can handle all marital dissolution aspects, from pre-separation consultation to post-judgment appeals. We also handle legal separation cases that will involve the division of assets, including complex asset division and debt allocation. Establishment of separate property portion of marital assets is provided when necessary.

Property Division

Marital assets are often a source of contention in divorces. When couples have community property, division of assets is done through settlement or trial. Separate property confirmation can also be handled through settlement or trial.

Child Custody, Visitation, and Parenting Plans

Avoid loss of your parental rights with representation from our law firm. Our marital legal service firm will work with you at all stages, including emergency services, initial temporary orders, trial, and post-judgment modifications.

Child Support

The custodial parent will sometimes seek child support from his or her spouse. This legal move is done to ensure that a child or children have all of the necessities of life. We assist with temporary child support orders, initial child support orders, permanent child support orders, and modification of child support orders (increase or decrease). We also assist with the collection of support arrearages.

Alimony (Spousal Support)

Wives and husbands can both qualify for alimony. However, it is up to the court to decide if a spouse has a legal obligation to provide financial support for their spouse in a separation or divorce. Our alimony law firm will assist with:

  • Modification of Spousal Support Orders (Increase or Decrease)
  • Collection of Spousal Support Arrearages
  • Permanent Spousal Support Orders
  • Initial Spousal Support Orders
  • Termination of Spousal Support Orders

Pension and Retirement Account Division

You may also be entitled to a portion of your spouse's retirement funds with help from our marital legal services. We can provide retirement account or pension valuation and division through settlement or trial. As always, we are committed to making sure our clients' spousal rights are upheld.


Just because certain decisions have been made about your marital dissolution does not mean they are set in stone. Our legal separation law firm will file post-judgment motions on your behalf, including a division of property, child support modifications,