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The Protection You Seek With Our Restraining Orders in Fullerton, CA

Threats of bodily harm can be frightening; however, restraining orders in Fullerton, CA, can provide you with legal protection. At Joel Beckman, Inc., we can petition the court to give you a civil harassment restraining order. If abuse has occurred in your relationship or it has been threatened, we can ask the court to grant you a domestic violence restraining order. We are committed to keeping you safe with help from our family lawyer.

Prosecution and Defense

We obtain emergency restraining orders and permanent restraining orders for clients. Additionally, we defend against temporary restraining orders and permanent restraining orders. When the terms may be too broad or punitive, we can obtain modifications of permanent restraining orders.

Domestic Violence

A domestic violence protection order offers a legal means of protecting yourself from abuse in a marriage or civil partnership. One party gets to go to court on an emergency basis to get a temporary order that lasts for 21 days. After 21 days, a permanent order is either granted or denied.

Civil Harassment

When you are being stalked or feel that someone could compromise your safety, you can also seek legal protection in submitting a request for a restraining order. Civil harassment orders are available for harassment or violence that is not related to a domestic relationship.