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Helping You Obtain Legal Protection in Fullerton, CA

You could have a variety of reasons for seeking a restraining order. Whether you’ve endured physical violence or are the victim of harassment or stalking, you have a right to feel safe and secure. At Joel Beckman, Inc., we can petition the court to provide you with a restraining order that suits your protective needs. Call on our family lawyers to obtain immediate legal protection in Fullerton, CA.

At our family law office, our devoted legal team helps victimized parties obtain emergency permanent restraining orders. Alternatively, we also defend clients who have been served temporary and permanent restraining orders. When the terms of an order are deemed too broad or punitive, we can push to modify permanent restraining orders in the interest of fairness for both parties. During your legal consultation, we’ll walk you through the different types of orders we offer, discuss your eligibility requirements, and what we can do to help you pursue the proper protective injunction.

Pursuing Enforceable Protection Orders

A domestic violence protection order offers a legal means of protecting yourself or a loved one from abuse in a marriage or civil partnership. In the case of an emergency, the victim goes before the court and will receive a temporary order that lasts for 21 days. Afterward, the court determines whether a permanent order should be granted or denied given the unique circumstances surrounding your situation.

In the realm of family law, domestic violence can boil down to something as simple as disturbing someone’s peace or escalate to threats of bodily harm. Our legal team recognizes that whatever the reason you’re seeking protection, it’s crucial that we provide you with fast, reliable representation. Share with us what you’ve experienced and we can ask the court to grant you a domestic violence restraining order.

Granting Orders for Civil Harassment

If you are being stalked or feel that someone could compromise your safety, we can also pursue a motion for your legal protection. We’re able to seek protective orders for clients that aren’t in a domestic relationship who have been harassed or have experienced violence as well. Whatever the circumstances surrounding your need for protection, our dedicated family lawyers are committed to restoring your ability to live life without fear. Trust our reputable advocates to help you through this difficult phase in your life and allow you to move forward.

Contact our family law office to obtain the protective order you need to move forward. Based in Fullerton, California, we proudly serve clients in Los Angeles, Orange, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties.